The Portal

Dear Brave Souls, Questing Souls, Lost Souls and Godwrestlers of every tribe and clan, take notice…

At the corner of law, psychology and the ancient , sacred wisdom of the Old Testament, there is house. All you have to do is look at this house to know that it has been there a long, long time. Well, parts of it, at least, look very old, but then parts look like they were added on later, and some much later.
The windows, for example. Look at the windows. Some are old leaded glass, a testament to the Great Artisan of old, who overcame ancient limitations to make something that works, and would last and stand the test of time. Some are modern, double-paned, sleek and practical. It is definitely an eclectic house.

And of course, no matter the path from which you approach, before you even come to the corner, you see that huge ancient Tree in the yard – a tree whose roots have spread well beyond the reach of the branches. They have patiently snaked under and over and under and over the fertile soil, growing gnarly knobs that long ago broke through the grassy ground and buckled the brick walkway. It was inevitable. Tree was claiming her dominion as first life, ancient life, life that witnessed ancient times, and weathered storms, and lightening strikes — a tree that held hatchlings in her branches and watched them grow and fly away, returning only sometimes. Well, she stretches those ancient, gnarled roots the way a crone flexes her oversized, wrinkled, wizened toes. Proud marks of age… ancient roots, as it were. If you try to ignore them as you approach, you will surely trip and perhaps even fall. Tree only needs to stand there to make her point.
And look! Look at all the initials carved into her bark. And a tire swing! There, hanging from a sturdy branch. Feel free to let loose and jump on. No one is looking. You can give yourself up to the sky on that swing – free-spirited and playful, yet safe, because the rope is tethered to an ancient branch, a branch hardened off through it’s many seasons.

That’s the way it is at this corner – the corner of law, psychology and the ancient wisdom.

Tree and house, joint tenants at this corner, the tree with her ancient roots and branches supporting new growth and new girth through the seasons; and the house, whose ancient foundations support new ideas and new constructs. The new depending on the old for structure, gravitas,dependability; the old depending on the new for vibrancy and life.

Come closer, still. Here, on the door, a plaque bearing ancient Hebrew script. It reads: Aromimkha Adoshem ki dilitani. It means, literally, “I will extol you, My God, because you draw me up.” It comes from Psalm 30, and is what King David said at the dedication of his House. And, it is a pun. Because the word dilitani could be revocalized to say delet ani, “I am a door, a portal.”

Indulge me for a minute and say: ki dilitani, delet ani. “Because You draw me up, I am a portal.” Take it in…you ARE a portal. The place of your being, right now, in time, space and consciousness is a portal to anything you can imagine. It is a gateway to infinite possibilities. And the Divine Source, by whatever name you know or understand, draws you up…calls you to transcendence, communion, connection.

This is the entrance to the Radical Rabbi’s house. A house dedicated to finding wisdom that works and learning how to use it to make life good and meaningful. Please come in…

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