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Welcome to The Radical Rabbi Podcast! Emily is a lawyer, a counseling psychologist, and a rabbi. So often the events of our lives, the events that knock us down and knock us back, are meant to be stopping places on our life journeys, they are “journey shifting” points where you often need a coach to delve into the experience and prepare for the next leg of your journey. The Torah is the first and best guide for coaching you along your journey, with over 70% of the book regarding the great Exodus with their 42 stops along the journey. Those 42 stops represent the 42 psycho-spiritual journeys of the human soul that we all go through. The Radical Rabbi has spent decades studying the Torah in the old language and is here to help and teach and guide. Through her many varied life experiences, she was gifted with the kind of empathy, courage, and wisdom that can only come from being there. Please join us weekly for empowerment and inspiration that will bless your life.

“My calling is to be a teacher of the brave soul, that part of the human soul that is questing for meaningful connection with the divine and others.” —  Emily Brenner

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