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What do You Get . . .

. . . when you cross a divorce lawyer, a counseling psychologist and a rabbi?

The Radical Rabbi!

Dedicated to finding wisdom that works and learning how to use it to make life good and meaningful.

There’s a whole lot of unhappy out there!

I think it’s an epidemic of dissatisfaction, disconnection, confusion, loneliness, emptiness, lack of fulfillment. I see it all the time. I have a divorce and family law practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Every day in my practice, I see the kind of unhappiness and brokenness that comes out of bad relationships. And frankly, I see the bad relationships that come out of unhappiness and brokenness.

That’s part of the reason I went to become a counseling psychologist, and a rabbi, in addition to being a lawyer – because there’s just so much I can do for people as a lawyer alone. In my mind, being a lawyer is a lot like being a surgeon. A surgeon can take out your tonsils, but isn’t really the person to tell you why you keep getting infections, or how to have a really healthy life afterwards. That’s somebody else’s job.  To me, it’s the same thing with being a lawyer. I can get somebody a divorce, but I’m not really there to counsel them on how to make their life happy and meaningful. That’s the job of the other parts of me, the psychologist and the rabbi. I think the part of me that makes the most positive difference for people is the psycho-spiritual coach I am when I step into my role as the Radical Rabbi. That’s what I call the combo you get when you cross the lawyer with the psychologist and the rabbi. But among those separate roles, The Rabbi is the part of me that I like best. That said, I definitely like to approach that Rabbi roll with the eyes of a lawyer, and a psychologist.

When people come to see me at the law firm, they’re looking for me to be a lawyer. They want me to be a warrior for them. But so often, when I hear their story, I think,  “Wow, they really need the Radical Rabbi.”


What do you get when you cross a divorce attorney, a psychologist and a rabbi? You get a straight-shooting advice-giver with a twist of spiritual guidance and a raucous sense of humor. Join the Radical Rabbi and guests as we journey through the many facets of life, relationships and divine intervention. If you want insights and perspectives to help make your life and relationships the best that they can be, this is the podcast for you.


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